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The Boji provides generous amounts of filtered soft water for drinking, bathing & washing your boat, car or recreational vehicle!

Final Rinse

Special Water Treatment Cartridge to Help Eliminate Water Spots Without Wiping.

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Standard Capacity System

The Boji Marine / RV Water Filter and Softener can be installed in-line for dockside pressure water supply or can be used to fill your vessel's or RV's onboard water storage tank. The result -- water suds easier, is less corrosive to inboard plumbing and minimizes unsightly stains and water spots. The Boji Water Filter and Softener is also an indispensable aid in washing your boat or RV. Say good-bye to difficult to remove deposits on bright work and windows.

This water filter / softener works the same as a conventional water softener. However, there are no time clocks, solenoids or directional valves to malfunction. No external power source is required. The unit is simply installed between the water supply source and the vessel's or RV's water supply hose. When the water is turned on, water flows through the Boji, filtering and softening as it goes. That's all there is to it!

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Soften Your Water Supply Affordably!xx

xxMinimizes Unsightly Stains & Water Spots

Less Corrosive to Onboard Plumbingxx

xxWater Suds Easier

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